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What to expect from your LICENSE TO CARRY (LTC) Class.

Upon completing of the classroom test and range qualification, you will be provided with the course completion paperwork (LTC-100) for your application from DPS to obtain your License to Carry. You may complete your online application either BEFORE OR AFTER you take the “LTC” course. Once you pay online, your fees are non-refundable by the state.

Please visit the DPS website at – Handgun Licensing link for frequently asked questions.

Applicant MUST BE ready to take the Proficiency Test – there is no practice time or range instruction allowed. If you need to get familiar with your handgun or needing a safety course, please schedule the Basics of Shooting class prior to your LTC Course.


· LTC instruction fee = $85.00 (cash, check, MO, or CC). Please make checks payable to Cully Stoilis.

· Fee covers classroom and range.

· Payment is due prior to class.

· Class fees are non-refundable.


· Approximately four hours of instruction.

· Please dress comfortably and wear closed toe shoes (for range).

· Guns are not to be in the class – they must be in a case and locked in your vehicle.


· Bring note taking materials.

· Don’t forget your DRIVER’S LICENSE.

· We will have three break periods – you may bring snacks/drinks. Refreshments will be provided.

· There will be an optional lunch break between class and range times.

· 25 question written examination is pass/fail.


· Approximately one hour (depending on size of class).

· Applicant is required to bring their own gun - .22 cal or larger WITH 50 rounds of factory ammo.

· Applicant may test with either a semi-auto or revolver.

· Clothing and Accessories:

- Please wear closed toe shoes

- Bring a cap/visor

- Eye and ear protection

- Depending on the weather, please bring a jacket if necessary


DPS requires the applicant to be able to handle your gun (including operating the safety/de-cocker) between strings of fire. Must pass with 175 out of 250.

Stage 1: 20 shots fired from 3-yards

A) 5 shots fired in a “One Shot Exercise” – 2 seconds allowed for each shot.

B) 10 shots fired in a “Two Shot Exercise” – 3 seconds allowed for each two shot sequence.

C) 5 shots fired in 10 seconds.

Stage 2: 20 shots fired from 7-yards – fired 5 stages

A) 5 shots fired in 10 seconds

B) 5 shots fired in two stages:

*2 shots fired in 4 seconds

*3 shots fired in 6 seconds

C) 5 shots fired in a “One Shot Exercise” – 3 seconds for each shot.

D) 5 shots fired in 15 seconds

Stage 3: 10 shots fired from 15-yards – fired in two 5-shot strings

A) 5 shots fired in two stages:

*2 shots fired in 6 seconds

*3 shots fired in 9 seconds

B) 5 shots fired in 15 seconds

Once you’ve completed and passed both the classroom and range portions of the “LTC” course, you will be given a Form LTC-100 signed by your instructor.It is your responsibility to submit this form with your LTC application.You have one year from date of issuance to complete your application.

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